Wedding at the Seacoast Science Center 10/09/10

This past Saturday I played a ceremony for Elizabeth and Dan Sawicki at the Seacoast Science Center. They came all the way up from California to renew their vows and to enjoy the spectacular view of changing foliage that New England has to offer.

I have been to the Seacoast Science Center at least a dozen times before with my wife but I had no idea that they did weddings there! The view was amazing: Lighthouses, sailboats, the ocean, ducks, seagulls—all against a fall backdrop of red, gold, orange, and brown foliage.

For the ceremony I arranged two pieces for solo classical guitar: For the processional I played my arrangement of “Over the Rainbow” (Click here for the audio!) and for the recessional I played my solo arrangement of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” (mp3 coming soon!).

I tried to capture the beauty of the venue on my RCA Smallwonder camera but while I was filming the wind picked up something fierce. Thankfully it all died down for the ceremony and people were able to hear both me and the Justice of the Peace. While I was waiting for everyone to arrive I warmed up with a piece while my camera sat on a nearby chair:

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4 Responses to Wedding at the Seacoast Science Center 10/09/10

  1. Aunt Barbara says:

    Hey Matt!

    Loved the Minuets!! Beautiful! And, of course, you know Nocturne is one I always love to hear! Bravo! Bravissimo! Your not so connected to the internet Aunt finally got onto your website to listen—had a rough day at work and it soothed the soul! Love and bacioni!Aunt B

  2. Sarah says:

    Yay! Just purchased “The Seacoast” mp3 off of BandCamp. How cool. Thank you for your beautiful music.


  3. Tina says:

    I really want to hear your arrangement for I’m yours!

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