The Whovian Classical Guitarist

If you grew up in rural New Hampshire in the 80’s and 90’s chances are, unless you were Mr. Moneypants, you didn’t have cable. I often credit my ability to play guitar to this fact. I always had plenty of time to get some practice in and, chances were, I didn’t have anything better going on.

We didn’t get many channels so when my family did watch TV it was confined to NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS.

Oh, PBS. PBS really was the cream of the crop in my mind. Sure, the other networks had hit shows like Family Ties, Cheers, Alf—all the stuff that dominated popular culture. But PBS had the oddball stuff; the stuff that really warped by grooves and brought out the true nerd inside of me.

But the best, and possibly the weirdest, show that PBS ran in the 80’s and 90’s was a little British sci-fi show called Doctor Who.

Watching PBS in the 80s meant you got what the BBC was showing ten years ago, which meant that I grew up with Tom Baker playing the role of Doctor Who (He starred in Doctor Who from 1974-1981). Many people over the years have played the role of Doctor Who but man, did I luck out on the first Doctor I ever saw:

Tom Baker, the fourth actor to play Doctor Who, was quite the character. Everything about him was giant: His stature, his hair, his big, toothy grin, even his long scarf that could be used as a sturdy rope suitable for climbing (should he ever need such a thing to get out of a tricky situation). His playful nature and fondness for Jelly Babies won me over in a heartbeat.

I will be celebrating this year’s Halloween dressed as Tom Baker. I got a ‘fro wig, a scarf that was knitted for me by my friend Brenda LaBranche from the original scarf pattern, a corduroy coat, a sonic screwdriver, and a package of Jelly Babies. And, keeping in spirit with my other holiday videos, I decided to do a Halloween classical guitar video in full Doctor Who regalia. I had, all told, an incredible amount of fun putting this video together. It really brought out the kid in me and allowed me to express my love for Doctor Who through my instrument. I’m going to post two videos here: My arrangement and the original. Enjoy!

Here’s my arrangement:

And here’s the original:

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8 Responses to The Whovian Classical Guitarist

  1. Phil Dunphy says:

    That was a hoot. Great idea to post the original too.

  2. Beth Fortier says:

    That was a lot of fun, Matt…and beautiful too!

  3. Matthew says:

    Thanks for the nice comments guys!

  4. Yvette (Bea's mom) says:

    Truly awesome! Will you be making sheet music for any of your arrangements available?

  5. Matthew says:

    Yes Yvette, there is sheet music for two of my arrangements available. I’ll have more on my site soon!

  6. Jesse says:

    That was amazing. What are the chances I could get my hands on the tabs for this?

  7. Dee Dee says:

    Matthew, this is wonderful. I’d like to surprise my husband to be when I walk down the aisle at our wedding by walking to this music. Doctor Who is a big part of our relationship from the very beginning. Is there any way I could get the arrangement for this from you so someone could play it live on classical guitar? Thanks so much in advance! 🙂

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