The Theme to the “Princess Bride” Arranged for Classical Guitar

I was inspired to do this YouTube video recently because a potential client for the entertainment company I work for ( said that she wanted to walk down the isle at her wedding to the theme from the movie “The Princess Bride.” And so I arranged the tune and put together a quick MP3 to send off to the client. Sadly I have not heard back from her for some time but I’d like to thank her all the same for the inspiration—I would have never thought of arranging this beautiful melody for my instrument. Eventually I expanded on my original sample MP3 and put this video up on youtube. I really had fun doing this one!!!

*UPDATE 3/8/10* I will be doing this wedding after all! Apparently the client was doing a search for this song on YouTube and found… Me! I’m happy to know that she loves it and has decided to hire me.

*UPDATE 8/15/2011* This track is finally available on iTunes!!! Here’s the link: CLICK HERE


Thanks to for obtaining the permission for me to do this song. This has been a dream come true to finally get my music up on iTunes. If it wasn’t for the massive number of people who emailed me regarding my YouTube video it would have never have happened. Thanks so much, to all of you!

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10 Responses to The Theme to the “Princess Bride” Arranged for Classical Guitar

  1. Carolyn says:

    I love your version of this song, it’s really beautiful. We’re doing a low key small wedding and we’d love to use a recording you performing this arrangement. Would it be possible to get an MP3? If so, how much should we pay you?
    Thanks for posting this!

    • Matthew says:

      Unfortunately I do not have an MP3 recorded at this time. I plan on having one in the future, though. I can not sell this song, however, because I do not own the copyright. Your best bet would be to Google the many “YouTube to mp3” sites out there. You could convert my video to mp3—the audio quality won’t be so good but hey, at least it’s something.

  2. Daniel says:

    great post, thanks for sharing

  3. Samantha says:

    This is great! I’ve been looking for the perfect song to walk down the aisle to and this is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Do you by any chance have tabs that I could share with my acoustic guitarist? If not, I guess I can make him watch this over and over til he gets it down! Thanks so much for sharing =)

    • Matthew says:

      You could always hire me to play your wedding, I know how to play my own arrangement quite well 😉

      • Samantha says:

        Well I’m getting married in TN and he’s free… can’t beat that! Although you do play extremely well, can’t afford to ship you here and pay you to play, sorry!!

  4. Katelyn Patterson says:

    Sir, you are an inspiration to us all. This is an all-time favorite movie and you have done the tender moments great justice.

  5. Melanie McCleary says:

    Hi! I’mgetting married next weekend and just ran across your song on YouYube. It is absolutely perfect for my wedding. Sadly, my programs are already printed and say I’m walking down the aisle to cannon in d, but I don’t even care! I have to have your song! Do you have an Mp3 version that I can download? I will, of course, pay you for your trouble.

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  7. steinunn says:

    hello I am lookin for the music sheets to play the princess bride on classical guitar for my wedding. Could you help?

    best wishes

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