Hey everybody, I’m back with another YouTube video. This time I got a fan request via twitter from @afterthefire1. He got in touch with me after I posted my Skyrim arrangement to let me know that he liked it.

After the Skyrim video I didn’t do much video game music. I did a Zelda vid and that’s it. I know. I got a retweet from Bethesda software, the makers of Skyrim, which boosted the views of my Skyrim video into the tens of thousands. I got a ton of new subscribers and a bunch of new fans, and then I promptly alienated everyone who subscribed to my channel by not posting any more video game arrangements.

Then a series of events happened that prompted me to put more video game music on my channel. First off, Jeremy Soule, the composer of all the music in Skyrim, commented on my YouTube video:

Not only that, but he posted my video on his official Facebook page:


Then, out of the blue, @afterthefire1 took to twitter and requested that I do another video game theme. What did he request? You guessed it, another theme by Jeremy Soule.

So this one was a no brainer. Apparently people really like my arrangements of video game themes. So here it is people, my arrangement of the main theme to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Enjoy!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This time I’m going to do something I NEVER do: I’m going to make sheet music/tabs of my arrangement available to the public. Enjoy, guitarists! Here it is. Please note that my arrangement is in an alternative tuning and you have to put a capo on the third fret. If you do not understand the previous sentence then please do not attempt playing this arrangement.

The scoring software I use, Finale, has a hard time with guitars in an alternative tuning. Or maybe it doesn’t and there’s some way to transfer the sheet music to tab? I don’t know so I wrote it out by hand. I used a pen so that means I had to do some creative editing on the second page. Yeah, I know, it’s a little messy but I am not writing it out twice. It’s all there so don’t worry.

That being said, THE REQUEST LINE IS NOW OPEN! Does anybody have any requests? Anything you would like to see on my YouTube channel that you haven’t seen yet? Let me know, I am open to suggestions…

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