The Holidays, A Game of Thrones, and A Special Transmission from Andrew Foy

I’m going into the studio this Sunday to start recording my first full length album of original compositions and arrangements. I could not be more excited! That means my workload is about to get crazy. I am going to try to get this album out by the Summer—I’ll be talking about this in my next blog post so stay tuned! All this in addition to: 1.) My YouTube release schedule and 2.) My Ustream Holiday Christmas concert! More details to come so please be patient, the next blog post is going to be a long one!

Yes, it’s November. Yes, Halloween has been over for nearly a month. My YouTube channel has ignored this fact entirely and will continue to do so. This month I served up my take on the theme to the popular show “Game of Thrones”. Yes, I know—does the world need another Game of Thrones cover? I submit that it does! I think my arrangement has a unique classical guitar/classical ukulele sound that you won’t find in the many arrangements that are out there on YouTube. Plus, as always, there are no overdubs. Nick and I could potentially perform this, among many other arrangements that we’ve done, at a live concert. Yes, that might actually happen. But I’ve said to much about it already… Here’s the arrangement:

Here, of course, is the original show opening for the HBO series “Game of Thrones”:

I love this show! I’ve been a sucker for the whole fantasy genre ever since my Dad read me the Hobbit in its entirety when I was five. Sadly I am too poor for HBO, which means I go over a friend’s house to watch “Game of Thrones” (watching this show with fellow nerds actually really enhances the experience!). In this arrangement Nick and I cosplay two sworn brothers of the guard. If you saw the last episode of Season 2, yikes… The brothers of the guard are in for quite the surprise. Season 3 is starting up in March and I can’t wait! That means the viewing parties are back on. I was told by one of my friends, Matt Talbot, that the sworn brothers of the guard take an oath not to choose sides. And yet, plain as day, I have the House Stark sigil in the background of my video. OOPS! Big mistake. That’s a big, nerdy mistake. Not confusing Star Trek with Star Wars big (which is punishable by death in more viciously nerdy circles), but pretty big all the same. Luckily I tend to run with a very docile crowd. They’ll forgive me, even if the internet might not. Still, my bad.

Speaking of Matt Talbot, he recently worked on some album artwork for me. Matt’s a next-level-brilliant artist (check out his website! HE’S BEYOND AMAZING: http:// and he agreed to do the artwork for my Christmas Single up on Bandcamp:

Look at how adorable that is! Matt did a brilliant job coming up with artwork inspired by LP covers from the 1950’s. Come one people, that’s worth a $1.00 in my humble opinion! Plus the music is nice and would make a worthy addition to your holiday mix. Throw it on your iTunes playlist this Christmas season. Am I laying this sales pitch on a bit thick? I hope so.

One more thing: People are transcribing my arrangements and putting them on the Interwebs! Here’s my original Doctor Who Arrangement, wherein I take the original theme and re-write it in 12/8 for solo classical guitar:

Someone transcribed my arrangement and put it here: I’m on Ultimate Guitar! Woo-hoo!

So, it was only a matter of time before this would happen. Here’s an 11 year old kid named Andrew Foy doing my arrangement:

He originally posted his video as a response to mine but then changed the response to another video. He probably changed his response to a video that gets more hits, seeing as how things age rapidly on the internet and my video is now, like, so 2011! Can you blame him? He should have a ton of hits for this! He did an amazing job. I think we’ll be hearing a lot more from him soon. If children are our future then I say our future is looking bright!

Best part of the video: He saved up all his allowance money so he could buy a sonic screwdriver to use at the end of the video, just like I do in my video! I saw that and my two Gallifreyan hearts just plain melted. That’s money well spent, Andrew! I’m still enjoying my sonic screwdriver and I’m in my 30’s.

That’s it for now, folks. New update coming really, really soon, and I promise it will be worth the wait!

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  1. doctor who fan says:

    That is so cool! Please could you post the sheet music? Thank you! I’d love to play like you!

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