Standard Classical Repertoire on My YouTube Channel?

You don’t say! Yes, I finally caved in and put some of my classical repertoire on YouTube. I typically shy away from doing so since I want my channel to be unique and, let’s face it, most standard repertoire has been done to death on YouTube. Even though I’m more of a composer/arranger these days I still practice my classical repertoire EVERY DAY. I have to—it’s good for the soul as well as the chops.

Besides, I don’t think anyone has done this duet on YouTube yet (that I am aware of). So here’s me playing with the great Nick Lanzer, a very talented man who was lucky enough to study under some great teachers. I present to you the first of Fernando Sor’s “Six Valses” from Opus 39. We will be recording the other 5 Valses soon!

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