Mozart for Two Guitars (Part 5)

I am almost done recording my arrangement of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “Sieben Menuette” (Seven Minuets). I arranged this set of minuets for two guitars but the original score called for two violins, cello, and double bass. These minuets worked out perfectly for two guitars—I didn’t even have to change the key for any of these arrangements. I only have two more minuets in the set of seven to record! So here it is, the YouTube video for Minuet #5 KV65a. If you haven’t seen my other Mozart arrangements then please look below the embedded video for links to Minuets 1 through 4:

Click here for Minuet #1

Click here for Minuet #2

Click here for Minuet #3

Click here for Minuet #4

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  1. This video is awesome, you guys are really talented

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